Station: Observatorio Nacional (Time Announcements, Brasil)
Date/Time: 16.10.2016/12:27 (UTC), Frequency: 10000 kHz (AM)

Station: NRC CHU (Time Announcements, Canada)
Date/Time: 16.10.2016/14:12 (UTC), Frequency: 7850 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio KTWR, Guam
Date/Time: 02.10.2016/10:23 (UTC), Frequency: 11965 khz (AM)

Station: WWV (Time Announcements, USA)
Date/Time: 02.10.2016/15:22 (UTC), Frequency: 15000 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio Nikkei, Japan
Date/Time: 02.10.2016/09:44 (UTC), Frequency: 9595 kHz (AM)

Station: WHR Radio (via Palau, South Pacific)
Date/Time: 21.09.2016/09:00 (UTC), Frequency: 9930 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio Taiwan International
Date/Time: 28.08.2016/16:00 (UTC), Frequency: 11665 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Nacional de Espana (RNE)
Date/Time: 10.08.2016/20:30 (UTC), Frequency: 738 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio Polskie
Date/Time: 09.08.2016/20:45 (UTC), Frequency: 3985 kHz (AM)

Station: Adventist World Radio (via WRMI Florida)
Date/Time: 30.07.2016/15:25 (UTC), Frequency: 15770 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio Polskie
Date/Time: 13.07.2016/09:35 (UTC), Frequency: 225 kHz (AM)

Station: RTE Radio 1 (Ireland)
Date/Time: 28.06.2016/15:50 (UTC), Frequency: 252 khz (AM)

Station: Italcable (Time Announcements, Italy)
Date/Time: 15.06.2016/12:20 (UTC), Frequency: 15000 kHz (AM)

Station: DCF77 (Time Announcements, Germany)
Date/Time: 12.05.2016/16:00 (UTC), Frequency: 77,5 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Dabanga (Sudan)
Date/Time: 27.04.2016/15:44 (UTC), Frequency: 15150 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio Habana, Cuba
Date/Time: 27.04.2016/20:18 (UTC), Frequency: 15370 khz (AM)

Station: NHK World Radio, Japan
Date/Time: 27.04.2016/17:38 (UTC), Frequency: 15445 kHz (AM)

Station: Madagascar World Voice
Date/Time: 20.04.2016/21:00 (UTC), Frequency: 11615 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Habana, Cuba
Date/Time: 18.04.2016/19:33 (UTC), Frequency: 15140 khz (AM)

Station: Deutsche Welle (via Madagascar)
Date/Time: 10.04.2016/10:00 (UTC), Frequency: 15275 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Eli, Estonia
Date/Time: 08.04.2016/21:40 (UTC), Frequency: 1035 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Vatican
Date/Time: 07.04.2016/16:30 (UTC), Frequency: 11716 kHz (AM)

Station: Voice of America (via Udron Thani, Thailand)
Date/Time: 27.03.2016/15:00 (UTC), Frequency: 11540 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio HBR (via HCJB Quito/Equador)
Date/Time: 25.03.2016/12:20 (UTC), Frequency: 7365 kHz (AM)

Station: Radio Thailand
Date/Time: 10.03.2016/20:00 (UTC), Frequency: 9309 kHz (AM)

Station: Die Stimme der Anden (Quito, Ecuador)
Date/Time: 25.03.2016/12:20 (UTC), Frequency: 7365 khz (AM)

Station: The Mighty KBC (via Nauen)
Date/Time: 20.03.2016/12:55 (UTC), Frequency: 6095 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Luxembourg (via bce)
Date/Time: 10.03.2016/14:37 (UTC), Frequency: 234 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Tirana (Albania)
Date/Time: 03.02.2016/21:40 (UTC), Frequency: 7465 khz (AM)

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