Station: Voice of Vietnam
Date/Time: 14.11.2018/18:35 (UTC), Frequency: 7280khz (AM)

Station: NHK World (via Nauen)
Date/Time: 14.11.2018/18:15 (UTC), Frequency: 9765khz (AM)

Station: IBB Thailand (RTG1)
Date/Time: 11.11.2018/13:30 (UTC), Frequency: 9940khz (AM)

Station: Radio Taiwan International
Date/Time: 15.11.2018/19:00 (UTC), Frequency: 5900khz (AM)

Station: Voice of Turkey
Date/Time: 11.11.2018/12:30 (UTC), Frequency: 15270khz (AM)

Station: Italcable (Time Announcements, Italy)
Date/Time: 12.11.2018/10:00 (UTC), Frequency: 10000khz (AM)

Station: Deutsche Welle (via Sao Tome)
Date/Time: 17.11.2018/18:00 (UTC), Frequency: 9830khz (AM)

Station: Deutscher Wetter Dienst (DWD)
Date/Time: 11.11.2018/12:22 (UTC), Frequency: 5905 khz (AM)

Station: DCF49 (European Radio Ripple Control)
Date/Time: 18.07.2018/09:10 (UTC), Frequency: 129,1 khz (AM)

Station: Voice of Turkey
Date/Time: 11.04.2018/12:00 (UTC), Frequency: 13760 khz (AM)

Station: Voice of Hope, Africa
Date/Time: 02.04.2017/15:45 (UTC), Frequency: 9680 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Slowakia International
Date/Time: 15.04.2018/18:00 (UTC), Frequency: 9385 khz (AM)

Station: Radio Thailand World Service, HSK9
Date/Time: 14.02.2018/19:20 (UTC), Frequency: 9390 khz (AM)

Station: Voice of Hope, Africa
Date/Time: 04.03.2018/15:45 (UTC), Frequency: 13680 khz (AM)

Station: Radio 4KZ, Australia
Date/Time: 06.02.2018/12:30 (UTC), Frequency: 5055 khz (AM)

Station: NPL (Standard Frequency and Time Signal), UK
Date/Time: 04.02.2018/13:25 (UTC), Frequency: 60 khz (AM)

Station: All India Radio
Date/Time: 10.09.2017/15:33 (UTC), Frequency:11560 khz (AM)

Station: Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR)
Date/Time: 24.12.2017/21:45 (UTC), Frequency:6010 khz (AM)

Station: Bangladesh Betar
Date/Time: 06.09.2017/14:05 (UTC), Frequency:15505 khz (AM)

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